Rechargeable LED Lamp With Radio & USB Output + Solar Panel


  • Radio: 30 hours after full charging
  • Lighting: 5 Hours Strong light for 16 SMDs
  • 14 Hours with Dim light for 16 SMDs
  • 15 Hours with 1 LED after full charging
  • Solar rechargeable
  • Power: 6V 3W
  • Portable mini size: 14*23CM.
  • 5IN1 USB cable for charging:
  • Ideal for charging 3V-5V batteries
  • Wire length: 10ft


Lontor LED camping lantern can provide you with great convenience in your daily life.It features high capacity (6V 1400mAh) maintenance free rechargeable lead acid battery with a recharge cycle of over 350 times. It has 16 SMDs and 1 LED which are super bright,long life and energy saving. It also features USB output port for mobile phone charging.

SARODA SP09-02 is a 6V 3W portable solar panel with a 5 in 1 USB charging cable,  only 10.6 inch. You can use it to charge your mobile phone/power bank at anytime anywhere have the sunlight. Imagine how terrible it is when your phone runs out of power and you just couldn’t find a way to charge it when you’re outside, Saroda SP09-02 solar panel helps solve these problems. Just connect a suitable solar panel to your phone. The solar panel is compact, lightweight and takes not much space so that you can even take it with you when traveling.


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